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rpm is available from and Mailinglist at and link: The binary rpm format is described at

In case of errors for the rpmdb, here a document on how to recover it:

yum is available from with the development mailinglist at is a GUI ontop of yum.

The new metadata for yum repositories (also named repodata) is discussed at It also includes the createrepo tool.

urlgrabber is available from

repoview is available from

rpmlint is checking for packaging errors. It is available at General guidelines on how to package rpms for Fedora Core and Fedora Extras are at

Smart is written in python and combines several different binary packaging formats within one packaging tool. It is available at

up2date and rhnlib are the client software for Red Hat Network and can be downloaded from

PiSi is an update tool written in python for the pardus Linux distribution.

Anaconda is the Red Hat installation tool and can be downloaded at, and perl scripts for kickstart installs at

Conary has looked at rpm history and defines a new distribution format that enables rollbacks and easier customization on the client side. Available at and

apt4rpm is adapting the Debian packaging tool to also work with rpm packages. Available from

Debian packaging system at Proposal for multiarch at and new version at

deltarpm is working on reducing the network traffic for rpm based updates. Available at Similar project at

FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) for Debian. Available from Pointers to the Debian build system are at

OpenPKG cross-platform rpm-based software packaging, available at

Rebuild rpm packages and manage build roots via mach, available from and further info at Fedora Extras has started a fork called mock: The buildsystem for Fedora Extras is called plague, available at Discussions around a buildsystem also happen on Caos is using to build and manage rpm packages with their wiki page at

Fedora Core Live CDs at and

fedora-rpmdevtools from Fedora Extras contains rpminfo to check binary rpm packages or installed machines. E.g. to search strange rpath settings, pic for shared libs.

Here should be a link on how rpm packages for Fedora Extras are checked to make them real nice, stable and conforming to Red Hat and comunity standards.

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